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Lolita Blog Carnival: The Most Challenging Substyles and How to Pull Them Off.

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When most people think of Lolita they think of the overly pink and cute. Its easy to say that when the three more vague lolita substyles are compared side by side, Sweet Lolita is probably the one that is most noticeable to the audience. From my experience working at events, Sweet lolita will capture people's attention more than Classic and Gothic. It may be because Sweet Lolita gives the most friendly impression. 

However Lolita fashion consists more than just Sweet lolita, there is also Classic and Gothic, and within these three are various even more niche substyles such as Guro, Country, Sailor, and Wa Lolita. 

The Most Challenging Substyle for me is Gothic Lolita. By the time you read this post, I am probably in the midst of a mental freakout for tomorrow's event. I will be going out in Gothic officially for the second time. The first would be for a photoshoot I did with LAPhotonet. I spent ages trying to figure out that co-ordinate.

To be honest I was really self conscious but excited wearing something out of my usual comfort zone. Now that my closet has been revamped, I am excited to enter the darker side of the frill. 

How to Pull Gothic Lolita?

I cannot say that I am an expert. I am slowly learning and appreciating everything in a different color scheme. The trick that I find pulling off a style is to have a concept and stick to it. Whenever I watch interviews where they ask fashionistas in Japan what the focus of their outfit is, I find that they use a theme and stick with it. 

For the Photoshoot, the theme was to be a floating witch. There are no literal pieces to show that I am a witch, but for this shoot it was more of a feeling and it helped make the outfit seem concise. 
Unfinished co-ordinate image
For tomorrow's event, I have decided to be a member of the Queen of Hearts' court. I am a bit more literal, wearing my Trump Doll JSK, but am keeping an elegant feeling with the darker hues in my co-ord.

Another tip for pulling off a co-ordinate that may work well for Gothic Lolita and other substyles is choosing a color scheme. Artist do this in general when creating a piece of art. Choose colors that you believe best represents the concept you would like to go for and stick with it. For Tomorrow's meetup, my base neutral color is black with red accents. This means, that I've decided to have the outfit primarily in black but add red accessories or pieces. For the Photoshoot, I did the opposite. I made Red my base color with black accents. 

Thirdly this also not works for simply gothic but also other styles as well: Use literal accents in your co-ordinate.
For example, if your theme is skulls, you can add a skull necklace to your co-ordinate. For Tomorrow's co-ordinate I plan on including accents that are based on the Queen of Heart's court, and trump cards. This is a concept that is easier to portray when the JSK has a print. If it is a solid print, you have the liberty of choosing any design and sticking with it for that look. 

For my co-ordinate, I am including both literal and non literal accents. I am hoping to make a crown with a trump pattern. However, I am also including flowers. The Queen of hearts had a thing for white and red roses. Since my co-ordinate is mostly plain with minimal print details, I ca play around with my concept a bit more.

Lastly, research is your best friend! Look up gothic lolitas for reference, to get a look on how your favorite lolita's co-ordinate I look at my talented friends, peers, and online idols on what they wear and get inspiration from that. Sometimes I look at artists, who may have a sweet concept and consider incorporating that in my co-ordinate. 

I will be posting about Saturday's Alice Deco in Wonderland event at Fairytale Boutique. Please do check back for new posts.

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