Thursday, September 26, 2013

Closet Child Haul and Life!

Paris Kids "Swag Pin"
So its been months, literally, since I've last posted. I've been neglecting this blog. Hopefully that will end today. I finally have my laptop, my handy-dandy camera, and am ready to post about life again.

The past few months much has happened. I moved once more, my Lolita closet has grown, and so has my otome closet as well, figuratively speaking of course. I keep all of these items in one closet mixed up with each other. They are part of my normal wardrobe, and I wouldn't have them any other way. 

I also made my old posts hidden, so its sort of a fresh new start, with a new layout too!

Anyhow, onto the fun part. My friend, Kawaii Goods, has been ordering from Closet child for me for the past few months, and its been wonderful, up until they stopped doing holds. I generally don't like ordering from closet child because i'm derpy, and she knows how to order from them better than me. However, CC no longer does holds, and I have to figure a way to order with their weird system which is mostly in Japanese. I know that once I do it regularly, it will seem easy as pie, but we'll see. Either way, I am not really allowed to spend for a while, so that I may save up for my trip to San Francisco and the AP tea party.

We had planned to meet at Fairytale Boutique. I decided to wear my Alice and the Pirates: Time of the Roses JSK. Its my first time owning anything from Alice and the Pirates, and I am in love! Its definitely a different feel, but I adore it. Its a keeper!
JSK: Alice and the Pirates
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Offbrand, F21, Automatic Honey
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Off Brand

On the way there there was a rally by Grand Park, and they were selling Guaraches (Sandals), which are like the mexican version of pupusas, with some meat on top. They were delicious!

To my surprise, the Automatic Honey team was there, working on some super top secret AH business that I cannot say. As usual, anything revolving Automatic Honey is super amazing and exciting. So I can't wait for that. It was like a grand get together at Fairytale that day, that everyone was in such good spirits. 

It was such a fun day overall and I got to bring home my Closet Child Haul

Three Blouses From Angelic Pretty and Alice and the Pirates
Accessories from Emily Temple Cute and Milk
Mumu JSK from Emily Temple Cute

I looooove everything I got, I feel like my lolita wardrobe is closer to being complete.

I am also so happy to be updating.  There is so much that is going to go on this coming month, so stay tuned to more entries



  1. It was fun to see you at fairytale. Glad t o have you back! ♥

    1. Likewise. Yeah now that I have my camera and a new laptop, I'm hoping to blog more frequently :3


  2. I am so happy that you are back x3
    I can't wait for your new posts ~*


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