Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Halloween Hallowen!

This year, was as exciting as last year. There were so many events, that I had to somehow cram it all down into this one itty bity post. Firstly there was Disneyland Lolita Day. 
The hostesses of the event
It was a day where you wear your frills and go to Disneyland. It is in no way affiliated with Disney and Disney parks what-so-ever. It was an independent event hosted by two So-Cal Lolitas who love Disneyland and Lolita fashion. 
My outfit for the day. I'm not fond of the wig. I think I should've worn my shorter black wig which is more flattering on my face. My theme was a ghostly conductor... or something like that. 

Blouse & JSK- Alice and the Pirates
Accessories- Automatic Honey, Disney
Purse- Angelic Pretty
Hat- Disney(gift)

I had such a blast. I went with three other peeps that were super cool and did things that we usually don't do at D-land. Usually we're too busy trying to get on all the rides, but I feel this time we were just able to admire the little things around the park. We didn't get on too many rides, but I noticed a lot of new things and still had fun. 
 There was a special area for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) I was so excited. The decor was beautiful. I'm happy that Disney showed a bit of Mexican traditions especially since there are a lot of Mexicans residing in Southern California.
There is an area of the park that I really like but always forget the name. Its practically a petting zoo, but outside of that entrance way was this cute display. 
 Further past the petting zoo, you get this whole area where you can take pictures with villains and partake in various activities. It was my favorite area of the entire park because all of Mickey and friends were dressed up in Halloween theme costumes. The best part, was that they interacted with everyone and even the other characters. Chip was excising his authority, finding wanted criminals and Donald was goofing around being Donald :P
 We also decided to partake in the fun and chatted with Chip and even colored some paper puppets and masks.
Later on we saw a part of the parade and Donald was even in a festive mood that he wore a sombrero 
Overall it was a super fun day. Can't wait for next year. 

The following weekend, I attended Fairytale Boutique's Halloween Witch Party
I didn't take many photos of the event, but it was the first time I just attended rather than helped out. 
 Finally got to wear DDC. I didn't even get a chance to try it on, but at least now I got to see what the set looks like. I am in love!
JSK, Headbow, Blouse, Tights- Angelic Pretty
Shoes- F21
Accessories- Handmade, Angelic Pretty, Automatic Honey

Again I got to see things from a spectators point of view. It was HARD! I got stopped every minute by someone i knew. So if I saw someone across the room I wanted to say hi to, chances are that I will miss that person because I run into other Lolitas. It was still fun. 

I also got the cute new Automatic Honey necklace with the moon and the kitty (sorry no photos).
Also best of all I found out they were passing out prints to anyone that bought from the shop. The print featured my artwork that was used as a promo for the event!

October this year was definitely fun. I think what made it more fun was the people I was with.

Can't wait for this weekend for the AP tea party in San Francisco. Its gonna be fuuuun!



  1. adorable outfits!! also both events sound like they were really fun ;u;

  2. You always look so pretty! I love the last coord on you, light tones suit you marvelously


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