Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Midnight Release

Last night I got in line to get my Pokemon X. Luckily the location I pre-ordered had a midnight release. There were rumors them having a mini event while we waited in line so I decided to dress up for a bit and have fun. 
I decided to pull out my Chandelure print salopette that I made for Anime Expo. I'm considering making a similar one with a Chansey print. 

 Blouse- Alice and the Pirates
Salo- Handmade
Accessories- off brand and Automatic Honey
Socks- Angelic Pretty
Shoes- Off Brand

On my way to the event I received a text from one of my friends who said event stuff was a false alarm. It was mostly a mini tournament to win shiny starters. Still cool, but we were wondering if it was something using a hacked device or actually permitted by Nintendo.  Either way I didn't enter because I usually play pokemon for fun, not really for competitive play. However, with the new evee training system(playing mini games to increase stats), I might consider making a fun team to battle with... we'll see...

Upon arrival we were asked to go inside the store in groups of 10 to get our number. I was number 15 in line. SO LUCKY!!! I was going to be the 15th person to get Pokemon. There were about 70 people or more from what I heard, so there was quite a turnout. 

For a while one of the GameStop employees kept customers entertained by making them do various activities to get a shiny starter. One was to do a certain amount of push ups within a time limit. Though I diiiiiid notice that some of them were not doing full push ups. The only reason I noticed was because my friend who is in the air guard had to do a physical exam which involves doing about 40 something pushups minimum within a minute. I'm pretty sure the air guard wouldn't allow or even count "fake pushups." I remember watching him train on his own and I did the counting for him. Its not impossible. Though I think the winner did all real pushups. That was admirable, that he still beat those that didn't do real pushups. 

Oh and I forgot to mention, the image on the right were all the people behind me. No one stayed in line for long after they got their numbers. It was a way to secure our spots. We were very content with that. 
My yogurt never look cute but they are sure delicious!
One of the reasons I was excited to  be there was because there was a yogurt land next door. I haven't had ice cream in weeks, so I was excited about this as well. As my friends and I hung out for a bit we caught up on all our street passing. lol.
 Eventually, we got our games. Everyone in line started to do a count down as the time drew near to midnight. It was almost like new years except better. Some even joked about rioting if we didn't get our games in time. 

Oh and on my way out I accidentally dropped the game and people in line were in shocked as if I may have committed  Pokemon heresy. I wish i could've made a lie and say "Don't worry guys it was only animal crossing"

Anyhoo Imma go back to playing X. Everything about it is so beautiful. The towns are so cute... Its so lolita friendly



  1. I absolutely /love/ your Salo! It's so amazing that you hand made it yourself, I really admire that~ Have fun with Pokemon X! ^^

    1. Dawww thank you so much <3

      BTW it was so nice to see you in your fabulous usual self. I'm so sorry I couldn't stick around and chat more ;_;

      So much going on that day.

  2. That is totally adorable!! I love how you combined Pokemon and Lolita.

    1. :3
      Thanks. I like the concept of Salos, but when I go to meets I prefer wearing full on lolita, however events like these seem to be perfect for salopettes <3

  3. you look always :D Got pokemon X to and I'm lovin it<3

    1. Thanks :D

      Right i'm so obsessed with the game I forgot all about animal crossing ;_;

  4. Love pokémon too. I want to do a Teddiursa or Deerling outfit someday.
    How did you do the print?

    Have fun with your new game ~*

    1. Ooooo I would loooooove to see a teddiursa print <3

      I used spoonflower to print the fabric :)


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