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Review: Disney Villains Collection

My Disney Villain haul
This past week I browsed various Walgreens around downtown and Hollywood in search for the Disney Villains collection. From what I researched, this is the second year, the brand E.L.F (Eyes Lips and Face) released a collaboration series with Disney. I really love the watercolor artwork and had to get my hands on these goodies!

Apparently Elf went all out and expanded their line not only to include makeup, but nail polish, nail decals and cosmetic bags as well. In addition, Ardell joined the collaboration with E.L.F and Disney and released a lash line  as well!
Ardell website promoting the collection
The Disney Villains collection page on the E.L.F website
Unfortunately you won't see the Villains collection page as quickly on the E.L.F website. The quickest way to get there is by typing "Disney" on the search bar and the page above will pop up.

This is probably the most colorful set in the series
I couldn't decide between this collection or the Maleficent. In the end i chose this set because it had colors I currently do not have in my collection. Although I bought this set for collective purposes, it would be nice for it to be more than just a collectible item. I had hope to use it when I feel like using colors I do not normally use. Knowing that this was a drugstore product, and for the price, i didn't expect anything too fancy nor did I plan to use it often.

The color palette itself is wonderful, I think it matches Ursula wicked side nicely. The set comes with mascara, eyeliner, pencil liner, eye shadow brush, eye primer, eye shadow, and a lipgloss.

Mascara: I haven't tried it, but I heard its a lengthening mascara, and am excited to use it. I don't think it is waterproof and will probably not match up to my tony moly lengthening mascara based on other reviews. Still, I think its always good to have a backup mascara when your primary tube runs out.
Eyeliner + Pencil Liner: The eyeliner is pretty nice. Its a very solid black and slides in quite nicely. I am personally not too fond of pencil liners because of the sharpening process. I generally prefer crayon liners for blending. However this liner blends in smoothly with ease.
The image on the left shows the quality of the liner and pencil liner. The liquid liner is a solid black, while the pencil liner gives it a very blended black effect from the get go. Its great for a smokey eye look.
The middle image shows the product after rubbing harshly. The liquid liner is unaffected while the pencil is almost gone.
The image on the right shows both products after water has been applied. This was disappointing in that the liquid liner did not last AT ALL. However, its a very decent liner if you don't plan on getting super sweaty or doing subtle lines. I do not think this will last all day either. 

Note: According to reviews, this particular set came with a blue liquid liner, but when i swatched the product, it was a solid black...

Packaging: I am quite fond of the packaging. I don't think it matches up to last years where it felt more like a book than an actual package, but the art is nice to look at, much more artsy and high fashion and I am especially happy that the eye shadow color names are relevant to the theme. 

Lip Gloss: The lipgloss is not sheer and tinted. Its a very solid pink. I personally am not fond of lip gloss unless its a transparent gloss to top coat your lips. Though the pigment in this product is rather nice. I've seen the more burgandy-red lipsticks from the other sets and they look amazing. I don't know if I would be so into a more bubblegum pink. 

Eye Primer: I haven't tried the primer, but I hear its pretty decent. I have the urban decay primer, and after using that I don't think many primers can match up to it...

Shadows: The moment of truth, this is the reason i bought the set. At first I finger swatched them and although it was very pigmented on my fingertips, transferring them by finger to my back hand didn't work for the more matte colors, which are the colors I was excited about. However, if you use the brush, colors apply beautifully, with primer it will look fantastic. 

Overall: Its alright. I didn't expect much for the price (on sale $7.99 reg $9.99), but for everything it contained, it is pretty nice. Also the main focus of the set were the eye shadows, I did not expect much more from the other products. I personally don't think I would buy another set. There are better alternatives from the series that are just as cute and wickedly evil.
Each side of the box contains an image of the villain
If you plan on getting one item from the collection, or can't decide which villain set to buy, buy the nail polish set. The box contains all the images of the villains,  and you get an array of nail polish colors!
TBH I love it. Some people complain about chipping, but if you use a proper base coat and top coat you shouldn't experience much chipping. I am currently using one of the colors from the Maleficent series and its still on there. I love how there are matte colors, glitter and shimmer types of polishes, even though the color sets give it a more sexy night time look, you can definitely go that darker route, or mix it up and do something sweet and playful.
I really enjoy this makeup pouch. Its pretty well made, and the outside fabric has a thick satin feel. Its pretty sturdy and can fit a lot of the basic stuff. The bigger bag has binding that is of the same fabric as the smaller bag lining. The lining itself is wonderful, its a litter of black crows. I love how in theme this is.
I love how this is actually two bags as a set too. The bigger see-through bag is for one of those nights when you have to pack all your makeup for an event. I think almost everything fits!
Finally the last item from my haul, the Ardell Villains lashes. I purchased the Maleficent because it was the most relevant to my makeup style. I loooove winged lashes. You can look super wicked, or sweet like. The lashes feel like human hair, and are very soft and natural to touch. These were also 7.99 (on sale) and in contrast to Dolly winks which are 17 dollars, and the quality, I think this particular Ardell set surpassed it. I believe the other sets has glitter stones on it, and as a result the lashes are more synthetic looking hold up the heaviness of the glitter and stones. Personally I prefer the more natural feel of the lashes over the glittery synthetic looking ones.

Definitely another item I would buy more of if it wasn't so limited edition ><

All in all there were some hits and misses. As much of a focus the main Villain look book sets were, you are getting what you paid for... which is really cheap. Though for collection purposes it is something nice to have or use once in a blue moon. I love the nail polish and the lashes. They are definitely the must gets if you plan on purchasing from the series.

I'm sorry I don't have a point system. A lot of these reviews are just my opinions an I like showing both the pros and cons... though, I hope it was helpful and entertaining  



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    1. I am sure you can find a shopping service that will be able to purchase them for you :)


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